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Gamification Activity

This is a gamification activity. It can help you to improve your listening skills and to extend your specialized vocabulary of building engineering.
View and listen to this news report related to robotics in construction industry broadcast by 9NEWS on YouTube. You can find the video here. Pay attention to the audio and solve this puzzle. Every word has been used in the video.


  1. (n) Builder who place horizontally traditional blocks for construction.
  2. (n) Accommodation for a family. Economic sector related to real-estate or property.
  3. (vi) Handle, manage.
  4. (vtr) Send to new area or task.
  5. (n) Framework that transfer the loads to the soil.
  6. (n) Building brick made from Portland cement and aggregate.
  7. (n) Skill in making things by hand, activities or trades.
  8. (n) Worker who drives a machine.
  9. (n) Mechanical device that uses power to apply forces and control movement to perform an intended action.


  1. (n) Exterior side of a building, usually the front.
  2. (n) Specification drawings used in construction industry to represent floor plan.
  3. (n) Construction area.
  4. (n) The recipient of a good, service, product or an idea. Also known as a buyer, client or purchaser.
  5. (n) New or junior employee.
  6. (vi) Be built (phrasal).